How to Install Codeigniter in Localhost

This tutorial is intended to introduce you to the CodeIgniter framework and the basic principles of MVC architecture. It will show you how a basic CodeIgniter application is constructed in step-by-step fashion.

In this tutorial, you will be creating a basic news application. You will begin by writing the code that can load static pages. Next, you will create a news section that reads news items from a database. Finally, you’ll add a form to create news items in the database.

This tutorial will primarily focus on:

Model-View-Controller basics

Installation Instructions

Step 1: Download the CodeIgniter from the link CodeIgniter.

—There are two different options legacy and latest. The names itself are self descriptive.

legacy has version less than 2.x. CodeIgniter 2.2.6 is the legacy version of the framework.  and other latest has 3.0 version.CodeIgniter 3.1.0 is the current version of the framework.

—We can also go with GitHub and get all of the latest scripts.

Beginning with version 2.0.3, stable versions are also available via GitHub Releases.


—Step 2: Unzip the folder

—Step 3: Upload all file and folder on Server or Xampp/htdocs/Project Folder(Project Name).

—Step 4: After Uploading all the file. Visit the url of your browser or server e.g. or http://localhost/yoursite/index.php


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